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specialoffers1Rosemead Guest House, in Church Road, Horley, is a charming Edwardian house in the London Gatwick area, set in the quiet, leafy residential Surrey town of Horley offering the highest standard of overnight accommodation equivalent to many hotels at Gatwick.

Only 5 minutes from Gatwick Airport but not on the flight path and within walking distance to Horley town centre, it is ideal for those travellers seeking quality airport bed and breakfast accommodation without paying hotel prices.

Location isn't the only key to success; high standards of quality, service, competitive B&B rates, and Fiona Stimpson’s many years’ experience in the hospitality industry mean that Rosemead bed & breakfast continues as a 4-Star and Silver Award winning guest house with Quality in Tourism means that many guests are repeat customers.
Start your holiday inn Gatwick, check out our Holiday Extras; Stay, Park and Fly deals, holiday parking is available at competitive rates and includes a free shuttle service TO Gatwick.

Join Rosemead Guest House on Google PlusJust some of the advantages of staying at Rosemeade Guest House:

  1. Great value Gatwick Stay, Park & Fly Offers
  2. Free Parking for guests whilst staying
  3. 24-hour FREE airport shuttle service TO Gatwick only takes 5 minutes!
  4. 4-Star Silver Award Gatwick accommodation
  5. Not on the flight path but Gatwick Airport is only 1 mile away!
  6. Central Horley location, close to pubs & restaurant s
  7. Short walk to mainline railway station; 45 minutes by train to London
  8. Free Wi-Fi in every room as well as free use of a guest computer
  9. All Rooms with private bathrooms, CTV & full central heating
  10. Full English breakfast served 07.30 – 08.30 @ £3 per person extra
  11. Continental self-service breakfast for early departures
  12. Families welcome – cots & highchairs available
  13. Pet friendly hotel

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A Travellers Guide to Getting Around Gatwick


Gatwick is a great destination for the ardent traveller. It provides an easy access to the airport, which can take you almost anywhere in the world. Travelling in and around Gatwick is simple. So, if you are heading on a summer holiday for a week or two, you can make sure that your travel plans are not impaired in any way.


Travelling Around Gatwick


Whether you are coming from up North or down South, Gatwick is one of the most accessible places in the country. If you’re coming from London, there are tube and overline links to get you to Gatwick town. One of the most appealing things to tourists is that Gatwick is easy to reach via a wide range of train networks. What's more, there are a wealth of developed motorways that take you to the hub of the town. See, we told you travelling to Gatwick was trouble-free!


Heading to Gatwick by Train


There is a wealth of transportation options when travelling into Gatwick. Travelling by train is often preferred due to the high-speed rail links and the ease of access via London Victoria. As the Gatwick Express provides trains every 15 minutes from Central London to Gatwick, it makes sense to use these services. They are often an affordable option too. Typically, this journey time is around 30 minutes. So, if you want to beat the mad dash and relax on your trip to Gatwick, the Gatwick Express is the obvious choice.


But, of course, Gatwick is not just desirable for those that are travelling from London. There are a raft of train services from the rest of the country that take you directly to the Airport and surrounding areas. Heading from Brighton and Eastbourne is painless. What’s more, Portsmouth, Southampton and Guilford travellers can all benefit from direct rail access. Of course, there are connections from the North too.


Travelling by Road


Of course, the great British Motorway has become something of a national institution. But, travellers will be thrilled to know that the M25 London Orbital can you get into the heart of Gatwick in no time at all.


Travelling By Bus


Bus may not be the preferred mode of transport. But, it can be a cost-effective way of seeing the glorious countryside that Gatwick and Sussex has to offer. It’s a great way to indulge in local life. For the world hardened travellers, it’s the perfect way to see more of Gatwick life, up close and personal.


International Travel


One of the greatest appeals of Gatwick is that it can be accessed by international travellers. The Euro Tunnel connections make for a comfortable, quick journey. Usually, the Euro Tunnel drops off in Folkestone, making for a smooth trip into the centre of Gatwick using the network of rail facilities in the region.


Great Places to Stay: Finding the Right Accommodation


As with any major airport town, there is a great deal of options for travellers. When it comes to finding accommodation within Gatwick, many people want to be close to the airport. This makes their travel plans easier to execute. There are a number of places to stay. There are the typical chain hotels that are situated in proximity to the airport. Of course, if you want a personal, welcoming touch a Gatwick B and B, like the Gable End Guest House, can provide you with a warm welcome and a comfortable stay.


Surviving Winter Flights

Traveling in the winter can certainly be a very different experience than traveling in the summer from what you are choosing to pack to right up to the process of flying. This month, our blogging aim is to bring you a few tips to help you prepare for your winter air travel. Hopefully our little guide will help you get to your final destination and back with minimal trouble and in a safe manner regardless of what winter tries to throw in your direction.

Winter time is certainly not known for its wonderful and predictable weather.  When flying, your travel times can be closely affected by a sudden surprise storm, whether that’s because of the ice and heavy winds or snow. Read through this short list to help make the best of it.

  1. The first golden rule of flying in the winter is, ‘fly non-stop’! Once a plane is in the air it is out of the way of those pesky winter storm conditions so it is unlikely your flight will be affected. Your delays will come from either take-off or landing, so take advantage of this and try to minimize the number of times you have to go through that process. Catching a connecting flight will absolutely mean adding an extra take-off and landing to your journey, therefore increasing the chance of delay.
  2. IF you do end up having no choice but to take a flight with a connection, make your best efforts to avoid a long layover time. With a short layover time, it is far more likely that a short weather related delay during take-off or landing will cause you to miss your connecting flight. I think people who enjoy being stranded in an airport for an indeterminate amount of time are few and far between. If worse comes to worse, let your flight attendant know and they may be able to help hold your connecting flight and at the very least, make sure you’re the first off your current flight once you land.
  3. Again, if you do get stuck having to take a connecting flight, check the weather in advance for the connecting airport. The weather at your departure airport may be sunny and warm, but your connecting city may be experiencing the storm of the century. If this is the case, we would certainly suggest making contact with your airline company and ask whether there is any way they can connect you to your destination through an alternate connection airport.
  4. Also, pre-emptively, if you have to take a connecting flight, you might want to take advantage of the freedom you have while you are booking your trip and selecting a more southern city to connect through. The father south you go generally means the more stable the weather is and therefore less likely to result in any disruptions
  5. Choose a morning flight. Simple. Morning flights are one of the best ways to avoid delays. Delays tend to start in the morning and cause a domino like effect of disruptions throughout the day. A 5 minute delay in the morning might result in a few hours later on in the evening. I think it’s safe to assume that 5 minutes is highly more agreeable than a few hours.
  6. Don’t wrap gifts. It’s something many people do without thinking, and to be fair is isn’t something most people would have a second thought about but security doesn’t like items they can’t see so it is likely they make want to take a peak inside. Save yourself the aggravation and pack yourself some wrapping paper and sticky tape to wrap at your destination. 


Top 7 Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

If you’re planning on flying out of Gatwick and paying a visit to the incredible Dutch city of Amsterdam, make sure you plan your itinerary ahead of time. (Not to mention check out our availability and stay the night before your trip) We have put together a list of 7 fun and stereotypically Dutch things to do while you’re in Amsterdam to help make the best of your little vacation.

    1. Vondelpark

Vondelpark is located smack in the heart of Amsterdam and offers an incredible escape for the bustling city outside the park walls. The park is generally filled with people of all ages and all backgrounds relaxing, playing ball or having BBQ’s. The park is filled with lakes, birds and gardens to provide a bit of sanctuary for everyone.

    1. See the canals

The cheapest form of transportation for you while you are travelling will always be walking. Walking is arguably the best way to get around Amsterdam anyway! Why not go and take advantage of this opportunity and meander around the cobbled streets alongside the historic and picturesque canals. Not only will you get to absorb the canal culture the Dutch hold so dear to their hearts, you will also see a world of fantastic architecture

  • Sunday Market

Every Sunday in Amsterdam, you will have no trouble locating a Sunday Market. Usually held in the city squares (pleins) or alongside the canals, a Sunday market certainly won’t be hard to find. You’ll be fast tracking your way to the top of your bargaining game while checking out the local arts, antiques and one-of-a-kind Amsterdam souvenirs.

  •  Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

The OBA is the Public Library of Amsterdam and despite sounding like a dull and dreary afternoon, the library is actually a great place to visit and best of all it’s free. Occasion you might even get to enjoy the piano music coming from the top floor, where you can also enjoy views of the city from above.

  • Blijburg Beach

For the lack of seaside which Amsterdam has, you might find it quite impressive that the Dutch has still managed to create a beach of their own. Whether you’re simply looking somewhere for a nice stroll, sunbathe, swim or even somewhere for a great outdoor party, this beach has it all.


  • Stadsarchief

Stadsarchief is the City Archives for Amsterdam where you are able to walk through exhibitions created to showcase the incredibly rich history of Amsterdam. You will find a variety of interesting things to see here, and the entrance to the basement level is all free. The building itself is certainly something worth paying a visit.

  • Red Light District

This is a must experience staple of a visit to Amsterdam! The Red Light District is well known for its controversial topic of interest, but also is one of the cities most visited spots. A little window shopping here will open your eyes to something you probably won’t see anywhere else.

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