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specialoffers1Rosemead Guest House, in Church Road, Horley, is a charming Edwardian house in the London Gatwick area, set in the quiet, leafy residential Surrey town of Horley offering the highest standard of overnight accommodation equivalent to many hotels at Gatwick.

Only 5 minutes from Gatwick Airport but not on the flight path and within walking distance to Horley town centre, it is ideal for those travellers seeking quality airport bed and breakfast accommodation without paying hotel prices.

Location isn't the only key to success; high standards of quality, service, competitive B&B rates, and Fiona Stimpson’s many years’ experience in the hospitality industry mean that Rosemead bed & breakfast continues as a 4-Star and Silver Award winning guest house with Quality in Tourism means that many guests are repeat customers.
Start your holiday inn Gatwick, check out our Holiday Extras; Stay, Park and Fly deals, holiday parking is available at competitive rates and includes a free shuttle service TO Gatwick.

Join Rosemead Guest House on Google PlusJust some of the advantages of staying at Rosemeade Guest House:

  1. Great value Gatwick Stay, Park & Fly Offers
  2. Free Parking for guests whilst staying
  3. 24-hour FREE airport shuttle service TO Gatwick only takes 5 minutes!
  4. 4-Star Silver Award Gatwick accommodation
  5. Not on the flight path but Gatwick Airport is only 1 mile away!
  6. Central Horley location, close to pubs & restaurant s
  7. Short walk to mainline railway station; 45 minutes by train to London
  8. Free Wi-Fi in every room as well as free use of a guest computer
  9. All Rooms with private bathrooms, CTV & full central heating
  10. Full English breakfast served 07.30 – 08.30 @ £3 per person extra
  11. Continental self-service breakfast for early departures
  12. Families welcome – cots & highchairs available
  13. Pet friendly hotel

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Early morning and late night flights are a drag. No one looks forward to wrenching themselves out of bed at the witching hour to drive for miles, only to get on a plane for several more, before yet another drive the other end. That's why booking into a Gatwick B&B is the smartest choice for getting your holiday off to a great start. There are several bed and breakfasts in Gatwick, some nice and some not so nice. However, if you're looking for one that ticks all the boxes, then you'll be wanting Rosemead. Our great hospitality and welcoming atmosphere are reason enough to choose Rosemead guest house. But if you need a little more convincing, here are twelve top reasons that make us the best B&B in Gatwick!

1. Free One-Way 24 hour courtesy transport to Gatwick Airport

That's right. No matter what time you're flying out, we'll be there, day or night, to get you to the terminal safely and hassle-free. And don't worry, it's on the house!

2. ETC 4 Star Silver Award guest house

We are proud of our 4 Star Silver rating! The English Tourism Council (ETC), also known as VisitBritain, awards guest houses such as ours based on exceptional quality. This is to give prospective guests an accurate indication of what they can expect from their stay in a certain guest house. In our case, our 4 Star Silver rating shows that we are among the very finest B&B's in Gatwick!

3. Totally non-smoking Gatwick accommodation

No one likes to check into their guest house only to find it stinking of stale smoke. We have a strict no-smoking policy in our guest house, for the comfort of all our guests.

4. All Rooms with private bathrooms

Sharing bathrooms is for gap year travellers in hostels! Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom when you stay here at Rosemead. We understand how important that is.

5. CTV & full central heating

Of course, we have full central heating. The last thing we want is for our guests to be shivering away in their beds!

6. Full English breakfast served

Yes, that's right: Full English Breakfast. Those magic words mean the perfect start to the day, especially when you've a long journey ahead of you.

7. Long term Gatwick car parking available

Cheaper than parking at the airport, and more convenient, too! We'll happily keep an eye on your vehicle on site. Why not spend the night with us again on your return? That way, you won't have to jump straight off your flight into the car! Relax back into being home with a stay at Rosemead, and drive home in your own time.

8. Free wifi and computer for guests

Whether you're bringing your laptop or tablet with you, or just need to check your emails from our guest computer, we're fully online! Our wifi is free for all guests, as is access to the computer.

9. Families welcome

We provide cots, high chairs and anything else you might need for your little ones. We are happy to welcome families of all shapes and sizes, making a stay with us at the beginning and end of your trip an extremely good idea. No one looks forward to travelling with kids, so do yourself a favour and get your journey off to the easiest of starts.

10. Pets welcome by prior arrangement

Just let us know if you wish to bring your pet to stay. In most instances, they'll be more than welcome!

11. Short walk to mainline railway station; 45 mins to London

The train station at Gatwick airport has trains going all over the country. However, you can reach may places in the region, including the capital, right from Horley train station itself, which is just a stone's throw away from Rosemead!

12. 5 minute drive of London Gatwick Airport

Not only will we drop you at the airport ready for your flight, but it won't take long either! Just a five minute drive down the road will have you at the terminal and ready to go in no time at all.

Whatever brings you to our doors, whether it's a holiday abroad, or you wish to use us as a base from which to explore the beautiful south of England, you'll be welcomed with open arms at Rosemead guest house. We have so much to offer our guests, that we feel confident you'll want to come and stay again and again!

Here at Rosemead, we pride ourselves on giving our guests a warm, hospitable and comfortable stay before their flight. But where are you staying once you arrive in your destination? We take a look at some of the world’s most unique and, sometimes, strange hotels and hotel rooms you could be staying in once you’ve left us.

First up is the truly breathtaking Kakslauttannen Igloo Village in Finland. When you check in at Kakslauttannen, you will be shown to your very own glass domed igloo, where you can lie in bed watching the unforgettable aurora borealis overhead. Aside from the obvious pleasure of the experience, these lovely, heated igloos will keep you warm and snug, no matter how cold it gets outside.

For our next visit, we head to Vancouver in Canada, out into the wilderness of Vancouver Island. High in the forest canopy, you will find three suspended, wooden, spherical treehouses named Melody, Eve and Eryn. Accessed via rope ladders, once inside you will experience a tranquility and sense of oneness with nature, as your capsule gently sways with the movements of the trees.

From one forest to another. In Southern Chile’s Huilo Huilo Reserve, is the Magic Mountain Lodge. A conical shaped hotel with a waterfall at its tip, that sends cascades of water tumbling down over the moss-covered outer walls and windows relentlessly. Whilst this might exacerbate matters for anyone with a weak bladder, the setting, the interiors and the sheer awesomeness of Magic Mountain make it one of our favourite places for a truly unconventional holiday.

If you’re taking a trip to Puerto Rico, and your budget allows it, stay at the incredible Hix Island. Set in the middle of a butterfly reserve, your extensive balcony will overlook a bioluminescent bay, where plankton, stimulated by the gentle motion of the waves against the shore, glow in the darkness of the humid, tropical night.

In Kenya, on the other hand, far from the tiny plankton and fluttering butterflies of Puerto Rico, you can share your accommodation with elegant Rothschild giraffes, at the aptly named Giraffe Manor. Sometimes the cheeky, long-necked lovelies poke their head through the windows whilst you’re eating breakfast and gobble up your fruit salad!

Whilst most of our choices so far have focussed on getting away from it all and enjoying the natural wonders of the world, there are some hotels that are more of a treat from the inside. Take the Seven Hotel in Paris, for instance. Its suites are all uniquely designed, and feature such delights as levitating beds, with a simulated night sky twinkling overhead, and a 007 Suite which is perfect if you’re looking to treat a serious James Bond fan.

Designer fanatics will go weak at the knees for Milan’s Moschino Hotel, designed by the prestigious fashion label itself. From rice paper poodles in the foyer, to quirky décor in the rooms, this luxury hotel is the stuff of fashionistas’ dreams. Their Moskit breakfast is even served in a gorgeous little porcelain box, making you feel a little like a trendy Alice in Wonderland.

It’s not all glamour in the world of kooky hotels, though. Take the Old Mount Gambier Gaol, for instance. A former prison, closed in 1995, it is now a sought-after hotel, with the only difference from its previous incarnation being where they put the locks (i.e. on the inside of the doors).

If these incredible hotels have whet your appetite for accommodation with a twist, then these are just the tip of the iceberg. All around the world, mind-blowing, original hotels are springing up all the time to meet the demands of the ever more adventurous tourist. However you choose to spend your holiday, you can still, nonetheless, be assured of a reliable, quality bed back home, here at Rosemead.

Two weeks of sun, sea and sangria ahead. You can’t wait. You’re counting down the days. You can barely contain your excitement. However, there is one thing you’re putting out of your mind. That hump in the road before you reach your destination. That evil little fly in the ointment that we all know and loathe so much. That’s right, the 4am flight. Groan. You live two hours’ drive from Gatwick, and you have to check in with time to spare. That means you’re going to either have to pull an all-nighter, or be up and ready to leave the house at some ungodly hour after midnight. Why do they do it, these airlines? Why?

These are the sorts of things in life that are sent to test us. It’s a small hiccough, really, when you consider what you have ahead of you once your plane touches down in sunnier climes. After all, there are ways you can minimise the pain of an unsociably timed flight. Here are a few tips for making sure you get your holiday off to the best of starts:

  1. Rather than take on a gruelling night drive on little sleep, check into a B&B or guest house near the airport. Choose a friendly, accommodating Gatwick B&B that will provide you with transport to the airport when it’s time to go. Check in during the day and perhaps even make it a fun addition to the rest of your holiday, spending the afternoon before your flight enjoying some of the gorgeous local countryside or with a slap-up meal at a nearby restaurant.
  2. Make sure you’ve pre-booked transport from the airport to your accommodation once you arrive in your holiday destination. There’s nothing worse than scrabbling with local cabs and foreign languages, especially after a long flight. Consider a private transfer to be on your way quickly and safe in the knowledge your driver will be ready and waiting to take you straight to the door of your hotel.
  3. Refrain from drinking alcohol before bed. Even with a comfortable few hours’ sleep in your B&B, you’re still going to have to get up in the early hours. Switch to water from about five o’clock, and have a light, healthy dinner. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and heavy food will help make rising at the witching hour less horrifying.
  4. Dress comfortably. Remember, a flight is not a fashion show, and you’re going to feel a whole lot less grumpy if you’re comfy in what you’re wearing. Pick some loose fitting trousers and a hoodie with trainers for the journey. Not only are these clothes easy to pull on when your alarm wakes you, but you’ll be much more inclined to snuggle up and catch some shut-eye on the plane if you’re nice and cosy. A hoodie with a t-shirt underneath is a good idea, so if it is already blazing sunshine when you arrive on your holiday, you can unzip and not be too hot and sweaty after the chilly, air conditioned flight.
  5. Pick your alarm call wisely. Whether you’re a deep sleeper, or could wake to the sound of a pin drop, having the right tone for your alarm can really make all the difference to your mood. Take the time to select an alarm tone on your phone that is both rousing and soothing, such as the sound of a harp or birdsong. Sirens, car horns and lively music are not a nice thing to awake to. Choose to wake for your holiday as refreshed and happy as possible: your fellow travellers will thank you for it!

So there you have it! You can’t make the 4am flight go away, but you can certainly do your best with what awaits. Just remember that, with a few simple tricks in place, you can reach the beach smiling, relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday right from the start. Why waste a moment of your holiday feeling tired and grouchy? You earned this break... make the most of it!

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